Learn how to "walk the talk" in this course with five memorable and repeatable weekly sessions. Each week you'll learn a powerful Big Idea with the scriptural basis, practical application and a "shape" to help you remember and immediately implement it. Your life with Christ was meant to be fulfilling and freeing.....
learn how to start the journey in this direction.

October 7 | 9am | Bldg. A | 5 weeks

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Here are the stats from our last 2 FPU courses....
Non-Mortgage Debt Paid Off: $82,710
Amount Saved: $37,455
Number of Credit Cards cut up: 87
.....and this was just during the 9 weeks of the course. Learn how to manage your finances in a Biblical, life-changing way.

October 7 | 10:30am | Bldg. E | 9 weeks

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